Why I don’t want to live in the city.

There are several reasons. Noise. Traffic. Sirens. Restrictions. Fluoride in the water. Pollution in the air. Did I mention traffic? Control. Cities are all about control. You can’t do this and you can’t do that. I currently live in a townhouse complex where the rules are extreme. But I bite my lip when I read the notices that come to my door disguised as ‘friendly reminders’. This is when I strengthen my resolve to get out as quickly as possible.

Right now, I have made the choice to remain living in the city because this is where my sons want to be. They want to finish their education in the school of their choice and I respect that. For this reason, I have put my life on hold until they are done. But the 145 acres of land I have on the prairie looks more promising every day.

I will escape one day. Watching something like this video gives me hope: 90 year old cyclist isn’t willing to slow down anytime soon (It is only 47 seconds long)

I also like what Joel Salatin has to say in this video …

And when I do finally leave here, I know I will never come back.